Alternatives to Curtain Rods? What Should You Use

Alternatives to Curtain Rods? What Should You Use

The usual way to get your drapes over your windows and sliding doors is to hang them from curtain rods. Sometimes, you may need curtain rods that stand out and have intricate designs to accomplish your desired effect. However, there are instances where curtain rods are unavailable. Therefore, you need to improvise and still get as close as possible to displaying your curtains’ majesty or simple elegance.

There are alternatives to curtain rods that are easily accessible in your surroundings. For example, you can have some of them in your store while buying others in a store. Regardless of whichever choice you feel comfortable with, it would be best to consider factors before making that choice.

In this article, you will have the alternatives you can use instead of curtain rods, making your interior design endeavor easier, more practical, and less costly.

Importance of Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are usually long cylindrical materials placed above the door or window and held up curtains. They are generally metallic and can be plain or have intricate designs that increase your curtain’s aesthetic effect on whichever room in the house you choose to use them.

They hoist the weight of the curtain material and should be strong, especially if the curtain material is heavy. However, they can be costly, especially if your choice is any of the elaborately designed ones. They also help improve the curtains’ appearance by making them hang in neat creases along their length.

Importance of Curtain Rods
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With all the functions a curtain rod has, getting the best out of your curtains can be challenging but not impossible. Unfortunately, there are substitutes for curtain rods in many areas of the world, and while it may seem unlikely, there are times when curtain rods are unavailable. So you need to hang those curtains up for privacy, especially at least temporarily.

Alternatives for Curtain Rods

When you have to hoist up your curtains, and you have no curtain rods at home. You probably have some brackets or not; here are some items you can use instead of curtain rods and still have that privacy and color play you want in your room.


Alternatives for Curtain Rods Rope
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Ropes are the most common go-to alternative to using curtain rods in many homes. The ropes can be made of any material, as long as it is strong enough to hold the weight of the curtain materials. You also have the liberty of choosing your preferred rope color as they can also influence the aesthetics of your room. You may choose to have a color that blends with your curtain, making the presence of the rope as obscure as possible.

Slip the rope through the opening at the top of your curtain and let it come out at the other end. Make knots at each end of the ropes to prevent the curtain from slipping off the rope when hung. Also, leave a free rope length after the knot, so you can tie it against a nail to secure the curtain in the correct position.


Another option is to use nails to hold your curtains in place. In some cases, you need long and strong nails, while in other cases, the nails you need are short and less strong. However, you’ll need more nails for the latter case and fewer nails for the former. You’ll also need a traditional hammer or a stone that can hit the nails into the walls.

In one instance, you can have two long nails hammered into the wall on either end of the curtain’s reach. First, ensure that the top ends of the curtain can be wound around the nails comfortably. Next, tie each top end of the curtain against the nails. Alternatively, you can hold the curtain materials against the wall by nailing them down.

In another instance, you can have numerous small nails and a light curtain. Place a tie rod over the top of the curtain and nail the curtain to the wall through the tie rod. Again, you can choose to paint the tie rod for better aesthetics.

Alternatives for Curtain Rods Nails
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Tree Branches

One other option that is close to using a curtain rod is the use of tree branches. The tree branch to use must be strong enough for the curtain material. Also, ensure the tree branch does not harbor insects, as introducing them to your room will be disastrous to your comfort.

Alternatives for Curtain Rods tree branches
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Search for a branch of a tree that is small enough to pass through the space between the curtain materials at the top. You may smoothen the edges of the branch to make their passage easier and preserve the integrity of the curtain material. Ensure that the branch is long enough to reach the brackets you have installed.

With the tree branches, you can easily slide the curtain materials from one end of the makeshift curtain rod to the other for privacy and ventilation as you see fit.


There are different types of pipes you can use as substitutes for curtain rods. You can use copper pipes if you’re particular about the aesthetics of the curtain rod substitute. You can also use PVC pipes, and although it might be extra work, you can paint the pipes for an excellent aesthetic effect.

Alternatives for Curtain Rods pipes
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Choose a pipe that will conveniently pass through the space between the top curtain materials and rest on the curtain rod brackets. You can have some kitchen drawer handles installed at the ends of the pipes to prevent the curtains from sliding off.

You can have the convenience of moving the curtain out of the way to allow more light and air into the room and restricting the same with the ease of sliding the curtains along the pipes. Although PVC pipes are cheap, Copper pipes are less practical and maybe costlier than some curtain rods. However, they can come in handy when you need extra-long curtain rod alternatives.


Wires work the same way as ropes, except they are thinner and can be used with smaller passage space curtains. Wires are thin and can easily go unnoticed, especially if the curtain is full. You can tie wires against nails to hold the curtains. They will also function well in hoisting up curtains for corner windows.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Alternative for Curtain Rods

Now that you know the options you have when there is no curtain rod available for use, you should know what to look out for when choosing one. They include:


The strength of the alternative curtain rod of your choice should agree with the weight of your curtain. A single-strand wire cannot possibly be expected to carry the weight of heavyweight curtain material. The resulting sag in the middle will appear unappealing, and the wire may eventually cut under the weight.


You should also consider the nature of the area you wish to install the curtain and ideally agree with it. Corner windows, for instance, are better fitted with curtain rods that are continuous and curved, especially when the curtain is a single pane design.

In this case, a wire or rope is the best option.

Aesthetic Contribution

While the strength and bendability of the alternative to curtain rods are essential, you also need to choose one that agrees with your desired aesthetic goal. For example, a rope holding up a curtain when the theme of your room design is modern and cool may be inappropriate. Instead, you may choose a copper pipe or any pipe coated with the desired color for such a theme.

Privacy and the addition of aesthetics are vital purposes of using curtains in rooms. However, these purposes are threatened when there are no curtain rods to hold your curtains up. Nevertheless, you can still achieve these purposes by using other materials instead of curtain rods.

Please choose one of the above-listed materials as they agree with your purpose and design and resume the comfort and privacy your room provides.

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